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Replacement tube SKINFOX Innertube for SnowTubes

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The ultimate winter fun. The Snow Tube is made of high-quality natural rubber (NR). This offers... mehr
Produktinformationen "Replacement tube SKINFOX Innertube for SnowTubes"
The ultimate winter fun.

The Snow Tube is made of high-quality natural rubber (NR). This offers a robust, durable and above all ingenious winter sports equipment for short trips to tobogganing, sledding or tubing.

The offered tube is used in our SKINFOX Snowtubes. It can also be used without our professional tube with a hard-shell base and the tube slides not only on a solid layer of snow, but also on fresh snow. This makes it universally usable and offers great fun for old and young in winter.

As a precaution, it should be pointed out that the Snowtube does not have a built-in brake and the material is very slippery. So please also make sure there is enough space to run around and keep a safe distance from other winter sports enthusiasts and people!

Do not let children drive unsupervised! The hose is made in Europe from natural rubber (original rubber) and is processed to a very high standard.

The 115cm hose comes from the truck, bus or agricultural sector and is extremely robust. Natural rubber is winterproof down to -45° C (thermal -60° C) and achieves the highest values in terms of valuable material properties in terms of abrasion, resistance and tear and tear strength.

The tube is available in 2 sizes.

Snowtube tire - diameter approx. 115cm

- High quality rubber hose made of caoutchouc
- Weight approx. 4.4 kg
- Made in Europe
- Outer diameter: approx. 115cm (depending on filling)
- Inner diameter: approx. 50cm (depending on filling)
- Capacity 1 person (adults, youth, children)
- Winterproof down to -45° C (thermal -60° C)

Rubber snowtube tires - diameter 80cm

- High quality rubber hose made of caoutchouc
- Weight approx. 1.45 kg
- Made in Europe
- Outer diameter: approx. 75-85cm (depending on filling)
- Inner diameter: approx. 35-40cm (depending on filling)
- Capacity 1 child or teenager
- Winterproof down to -45° C (thermal -60° C)

No Asia or import goods - not made of butyl rubber (IIR)!

SKINFOX's own compressor pump can be used to inflate the snow tube on site if necessary, and then deflated and stowed in the car to save space. However, the Snowtube can also be inflated at any gas station or with a compressor or with bicycle air pumps, which have an adapter for car valves.

Brand new, high quality rubber truck toboggan tube with car valve, made in Europe - Made in the EU

Scope of delivery:

- 1x snow tube (depending on the variant chosen)
- car valve wrench (easy deflating on the spot)
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Eigenschaften "Replacement tube SKINFOX Innertube for SnowTubes"
Manufacturer: skinfox
color: Black, Gray
EAN: 4064641001860, 4064641001877
purpose: Sledging / tobogganing, To ski
1. Product Feature: A quality product from SKINFOX from Bavaria - known for quality and innovation and a very good price/performance ratio
2. Product Feature: Convince yourself of our products
3. Product Feature: Also read our customer reviews
4. Product Feature: Skinfox is multiple test winner for different products. Our SKINFOX brand is family-owned and family-run.
5. Product Feature: At SKINFOX, the management is also in the warehouse and packs, or provides telephone support and emails.
material: see description
material composition: No information required
season: 2021
packaging weight: 1
Packing_length_in_cm: 50
Packing_width_in_cm: 40
Packing_height_in_cm: 30
Size: 80cm, 115cm, Universal
size grid: Snow tube, unisex
Weight in kg): 1, 1,000
Customs country numbers: 95061180
country of origin: China
gender: neutral
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