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ULTRA MARINE anchor UA27 stainless steel

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  • UA27
Anchor UA27 stainless steel MPN: UA27 Manufacturer: ULTRA MARINE You get quality and design –... mehr
Produktinformationen "ULTRA MARINE anchor UA27 stainless steel"
Anchor UA27 stainless steel
Manufacturer: ULTRA MARINE

You get quality and design – without compromise
Handcrafted from 316L and 318NL duplex (shank) stainless steel and hand polished.
The Ultra Marine anchors feature accurate weight distribution, which is important not only for anchor alignment, but also for anchor hoisting on board. You can flip any Ultra Marine anchor and it will instantly flip back into proper attack position. Such a feat has been achieved thanks to innovative and patented features. Each anchor is easy to pull up due to the flat pivoting surface on the bottom. Suitable for all types of vessels, Ultra Marine anchors are the fastest holding and most secure anchors on the market.

Every Ultra anchor comes with a lifetime warranty covering manufacturing defects under normal conditions and use.


Unique features
Hollow Shank:  Allows weight to be concentrated on the anchor tip
tube construction:  The anchor cannot lie upside down and will rotate itself into attack position. The anchor also retracts correctly into the bow rollFilled tip:  Lead is filled in the anchor tip, so the optimal weight distribution is secured and  ensures that the anchor also penetrates in unfavorable seabeds. Scratch-Catch Point (scratch-catch point):  is specially positioned on the base. It eliminates ground drag and ensures instant burial when the anchor moves.
Curved tip: It is important that the anchor tip is curved downwards and has a constant adjustment  secured in unfavorable weather conditions. Its angles are reversed, helping the anchor to keep digging in even when it's not in the right attacking position.
Max Holding Power Base:  the concave base/flake looks like a shovel and has extreme holding power at larger surface area than conventional anchors. The result is a more secure, more holding anchor that won't let go.
Reinforced loop:  even in extreme conditions, the reinforced loop will not bend, break or fail.
Flat Bottom: Once you pick up the anchor from the seabed, it will turn on its own to the correct flat position and start the release (the boat should be directly over the anchor).
Side wing panels:  The ULTRA anchor will not give way in changing winds. It has a full 180 degree rotation (even if it's still buried) it holds on the full length. Furthermore, the wings help to facilitate transport and ensure continuous geometry on the bow roller.
Non-Tangle Chainbar:  Often the chain will become tangled around the shaft resulting in the anchor not engaging. The clever design ensures that the chain does not wrap itself around the shaft, but also has the function of being able to attach a trip line to it.
Detail of anchor weight:   Anchor weight is stamped into the hollow shank identifying the anchor size in both Kg and Lbs.

Recommended DIN 766 chain diameter: 8-10 mm
Recommended anchor swivel: UFS 10-35

-- Decorative items displayed on product photos are not included in the scope of services. --
-- The statutory warranty obligations of the seller exist independently of any guarantee declarations by the manufacturer. --
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Eigenschaften "ULTRA MARINE anchor UA27 stainless steel"
Manufacturer: ULTRA MARINE
color: Silver
purpose: stand up paddling
1. Product Feature: Ultra Marine Anchor
2. Product Feature: At SKINFOX, the management is also in the warehouse and packs, or provides telephone support and emails.
3. Product Feature: Skinfox is multiple test winner for different products. Our SKINFOX brand is family-owned and family-run.
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material composition: No information required
season: 2021
packaging weight: 1
Packing_length_in_cm: 50
Packing_width_in_cm: 40
Packing_height_in_cm: 30
Size: Universal
size grid: Anchor,unisex
Weight in kg): 1
target group: Adult
Customs country numbers: 95062900
country of origin: Austria
age group: 0-99
gender: neutral
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